Lisa, Rochester

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As a daycare operator and owner and mother of two, Lisa has a busy life—and a lot of people counting on her to stay healthy. Like many Granite Staters, she knew she needed health insurance to stay healthy for her kids and her business, but she didn’t think she could find room in her budget. 

When she heard about open enrollment the new Health Insurance Marketplace, Lisa took a few minutes to see what plans were available to New Hampshire residents. After spending about half an hour on, Lisa discovered that she qualified for financial assistance and was able to enroll in a Silver plan for just $37 per month.

"I didn't have insurance before, so it's a huge relief,” she said. “I work at a child care center, so I feel like I’m always at risk of getting sick. Signing up for a Marketplace health insurance plan that I could afford—only $37 per month—was like a weight off my shoulders."

Before Lisa had insurance, she paid for all medical expenses and doctor visits on her own. When she broke a bone in her foot and contracted a case of the shingles, Lisa paid all those bills on her own, too. "Every fee, every doctor's visit, every trip to the emergency room, has all been out of pocket,” she said. “It’s such a relief to know that I won’t have to worry about that anymore.”