Compare Plans Now

Using this tool, you can compare up to three different plans available to you through the Health Insurance Marketplace, side-by-side. Before you get started, make sure you review the Covering New Hampshire tutorial on how to compare plans to better understand the health coverage options available to you.

To see the network of health care providers available to you through all of these plans, please visit Anthem’s website and search for a New Hampshire plan with either of the “Pathway” plan type/network options. The plan type/network “Pathway” refers to all the doctors and hospitals that will be considered “in-network” for all of the plans that are sold on the Marketplace. Remember that if you visit a doctor or hospital that is not considered “in-network,” you will likely be required to pay more money out of pocket. You may also want to check with your existing doctors to confirm whether or not you’ll be in-network with a Marketplace plan.